How long will the promotions last and for which categories will the biggest discounts be?

I can not give an unequivocal answer to this question. The promotion periods are very different. Based on historical data, it is about 4-5 days. The categories depend on the offer, seasonality and season.

Usually, during this period, which categories sell best? What categories do you recommend affiliates to promote during this period?

If you mean a summer period. The categories that are in demand this season are the best for example – T-shirts, Sneakers, Sandals, Shorts, Dresses (Epantofi and MODIVO).

What is the target audience for the next period (or even in general if we don’t already know – if they would give us data from their analytics)?

The most often:

Epantofi – Women – 30-35 years old. The assortment is very diverse, so in principle many different user groups are purchasing.

MODIVO – 27-50 years old.

During the purchasing process, it is not so much the real price of the product that is important, but the values associated with a sense of prestige, uniqueness. Whisper marketing (Instagram) is extremely important.

But here, as in the case of Epantofi, the offer is so wide that many user profiles buy. We do not close 🙂

What is the average shopping cart during this period?

Last year it was:


I think we can take 450-500 RON for the next month – 330 RON

For the next month we can take 300-350 RON

Three benefits that 2Performant affiliates would get if they promote Brand X?

1. We can offer higher commissions in the period of promotion

2. Possibility to communicate offers of a very large number of brands in one store.

MODIVO –  650 brands from the streetwear, casual and premium sectors

Epantofi – 450 brands

3. Possibility to prepare additional materials, flexible approach to cooperation.

What promotion methods do you encourage in the next period?

We are constantly looking for new solutions for cooperation with publishers. We are open to discussions and  suggestions from publishers.

See Epantofi Affiliate Program.
See Modivo Affiliate Program.


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